Ritvik is a watercolor artist based out in Albany NY. After a gap of 20 years he started dabbling in watercolor in fall of 2014. Painting quickly over took his life and he has been painting regularly since then.

As a kid he was fascinated by impressionist painters of Europe and was drawn to Claude Monet and Pierre-August Renoir.Early on these masters inspired the love of landscape and people in paintings.

Ritvik enjoys most the challenge of producing a work of art with his brush strokes and watercolors on paper by looking at subject and slowly simplifying it to communicate his vision in a style that evokes a memory , engages the viewer while transcending the mood of subject in a loose style.

Ritvik considers himself mostly self taught . But he has personally studied with Alvaro Castagnet and Vladislev Yelislav . He considers Alvaro as his foremost teacher and is grateful for his generous teaching and sharing of his philosophy in very selfless and giving manner.

It is a very exciting to see Ritvik’s paintings transform with each passing month . Ritvik is mostly a plein air painter who likes to go out and paint with elements.