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Urban Sketching

I have been doing some sketches locally . Recently I have ventured out to few cafes here in Albany . I wanted to do a post as I am excited to do more of such sketches. I have not been interested in doing pen and watercolor. Well that was until I actually did it. It turned out to be lot of fun.

First Sketch below is done at Short and Stout tea at western ave . It is locally run business and friendly owners.


This is how finished sketch looked like.

And below is the picture after the sketch was complete.



Just in case you are wondering …I has basil sweet tea . It was good. !

Next sketch was done at Starbucks at Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany. It was a relaxing Sunday morning and I had hot caramel Macchiato . It was lot of fun watching people come and go for morning coffee.


This sketch has quite a few white areas. In reality that is not the case. When you start sketching you realize that most of walls are black and dark grey. With watercolors it is so hard to paint against black backdrop .

Picture below shows really how black and grey the walls are .


I am excited to see how these sketches would change as I keep sketching.

If you have any questions do leave a comment !

Thanks for reading !